There is no doubt that everybody loves receiving a gift. The emotions of warmth, love and gratitude make us feel all that more important at the special moment of receiving a gift from a loved one. Whether it is at Christmas, a birthday, an anniversary or just a spontaneous surprise, these feelings rush to the forefront and a sense of excitement comes over us. This poses a real opportunity for brands.

Brands make a conscious effort to connect with the consumer through each and every advertising campaign. Mediums differ but the objective remains the same. A channel that offers one of the best opportunities is promotional merchandise.

The corporate Christmas gift is one which drums up much debate. Some companies simply supply alcohol or a hamper. Brands have to be careful however. A person can have immediate feelings of resentment if not enough has been spent or not enough thought put into the piece.

Many companies make a conscious effort to create something wonderful for their clients. Something their clients will remember and something that could turn a good customer into an advocate for their brand. It links back to the beauty of receiving a gift. Creating warmth, love and gratitude. A gift is a symbol of your brand and has the opportunity to subimily announce how much the receiver means to the gift bearer.

On the other hand a gift often leads to a sense of reciprocity which in turn can benefit the brand in the long run.

The Printed Image have a real love for going above and beyond for clients. Making packages that will wow the consumer and strengthen the bond between client and supplier. The Printed Image have a range of Christmas products for you to search through. If you prefer something more bespoke, just contact us below and we can arrange the perfect gift for your clients.