Roses are red, violets are blue
Love your client, your client will love you…

For some a joyous, heart-warming celebration of love and togetherness, for others an expectation laden excuse for greetings card suppliers to flog more cards and restaurants to charge twice on one night what the same thing would cost the next?

It’s a tricky one, because for every happy celebrant there will be another person for whom such a faux convention is tacky and soulless. Worse still, for others the whole thing is alienating or worse, and for those suffering break-ups or bereavement, capable even of causing great sadness.

So we probably should treat the whole thing with a certain caution. The origins of St Valentines day lie in ancient Rome, and are hardly auspicious, coming as they do from a festival where it was held that the slapping of women by their prospective male partners would improve their fertility.

One can only presume that the likely reciprocal action, a swift knee in the joy department, was rather less helpful to the fertility of the men concerned.

The Romans didn’t have it all wrong though. From Virgil we got “omnia vincit amor”, love conquers all, and that’s a message that resonates as much in business as it does in romance.

A couple of millennia later and a genius of the 20th Century, Walt Disney, summed it up perfectly saying, “Do what you do so well that they will want to see it again and bring their friends.”

From the moment of its inception we wanted Zest to be a company that worked to be customer focused, to create an experience that would encourage our clients to fall for us and our way of working.

We promise only what we can deliver, but deliver what we promise. We are transparent, respectful and listen. We take responsibility and give credit, we build trust and trust that it’s appreciated. Most importantly we say thank you – because like any successful relationship this is a two way street.

A wise man once said “aim for the stars – you might not succeed, but you won’t come up with a hand full of mud either.”

In these social media days, perhaps an appropriate epithet at this most romantic of times would be “True love would be great, but even a ‘swipe right’ from a client is a job well done”.

Written By

Amanda Longmore