When I was younger I always thought of what I wanted to be when I grow up, it never crossed my mind that where I would work would nearly be as important as what I wanted to do. A dream job can only be that if your environment is one that you love being in. More and more companies are becoming aware of the importance of taking care of their employees, ensuring that they feel safe and happy. Employee morale and loyalty are fundamental to a company’s success.

The print industry is a fast-paced competitive market that requires every employee from sales to production, printing to dispatch to be on their toes constantly. This can be a recipe for disaster if not managed correctly, so I was delighted to see The Printed Image partaking in Health and Safety week. During this week we had a module each day which included CPR and Defib Training, Fire Safety and Manual Handling and the bonus, these talks were all completely free. These sessions were tailored in such a way that what we learned isn’t restricted to the work environment but can be beneficial in all aspects of day to day life.

To end the week, we had healthy eating Friday – I know how it sounds, I thought I was going to have to sit through a lecture of how sugar was bad and vegetables were good but thankfully it wasn’t like that at all. Instead of sitting through an informative session they took a more interactive approach, Health Eating Day consisted of 3 challenges:

The Hydration Challenge

Every employee in the company was given their own branded TPI water bottle to remind us the importance of drinking water regularly (which I think most of us can admit we’re pretty brutal at!). These bottles were a great success, my entire department have them on their desks and they do act as a friendly remind to maybe have some water before you go for that billionth cup of coffee.

Smoothie for elevenses

Each department was to team up and between them bring in a little blender and ingredients for Smoothies, this was hands down my favourite part of Health and Safety week, not only were the smoothies delicious but there was a good buzz around the office while we were making them.

Lunch Time Walk

So the plan was to meet and 1pm and do a half an hour walk around the Business Park and while are intentions were really (really really) good, the weather was not. It was absolutely lashing outside and while fitness is important, nobody wants to spend a Friday evening sopping wet! In saying that this did strike up a conversation about fitness and what everyone in the office does to stay in shape! It was nice to hear the eclectic mix of work out methods even just in my department.

So, all in all safety week was a successful in training us up to ensure the full team are prepared for every eventuality and to encourage safety and wellbeing at the workplace and reminding us that we need to slow down from time to time and take care of ourselves.