On 13th March, for the second year running, our Group CEO Colin Culliton, hosted a delegation of 13 MBA students and three faculty from Quinnipiac university. Located in Hamden, Connecticut, USA, Quinnipiac is a private co-educational University with 6,500 undergraduate and 2,500 Graduate students.

Coincidentally, Ireland’s Great Hunger Museum which is housed at Quinnipiac University is currently exhibiting its art collection in Ireland. The works are in Dublin Castle until end of June and then in the West Cork Arts Centre in Skibbereen from July until October. It contains the world’s largest collection of Famine related art by noted contemporary Irish and Irish American artists as well as a number of period paintings by some of Ireland’s most important 19th-century artists. It has never been exhibited before in Ireland. http://www.dublincastle.ie/event/coming-home-art-and-the-great-hunger/


Students were on a week-long MBA Module visit to Ireland that included three days visiting commercial organisations in Ireland such as The Central Bank, KPMG, Port of Dublin, Ingersoll Rand, Connaught Rugby and The Printed Image. As a company, TPI, and many of our staff have been warmly welcomed when visiting other businesses as part of further education courses or as part of site visits for plant purchase assessments. For that reason, and the fact we are keen to give encourgagement to any young person interested in a career in business, we always like to do what what we can and give something back no matter how small.


As part of their visit to Font House, the students were given an introduction to the TPI Group, an overview of Creativity in Customer Communications, a Q&A session and a full tour of our facility including our new Carpentry division “Shoon Construction”.


The students were engaged, interested and asked some very insightful questions. The future of  US  Industry sure looks bright if these students are anything to go by! We look forward to hosting the next intake of MBA’s at the same time next year.