At the beginning of the year, the TPI Group Corporate Wellness Program came into being. All employees were given the opportunity to feed their ideas into how this program should look. There was huge appetite amongst the team to take part! The idea of work colleagues seeing you red faced in gym gear was daunting at first. However, our opinions soon changed, thanks to the wonderful Nejia Bejaoui and Total Fit!

Nejia opened Total Fit, which is based in Ballyfermot, in 2012.  As it is only 10 minutes away from the TPI Headquarters in Clondalkin, there were no excuses when it came to getting active. Total Fit boasts a large range of classes from TRX to boxing, and all employees are offered 2 classes per week. The timetable is extremely flexible in order to accommodate the varied and busy schedules that TPI employees have.

Over the past 10 months the impact the classes have made on TPI employees has been remarkable! Aside from the obvious benefits of feeling healthier and fitter (we hope!) the classes are a real stress reliever after a hectic day in the office. Nothing beats a good boxing session to leave all worries behind and tackle tomorrow with a fresh mindset!

I think I speak for all those who take part, when I say that the main benefit of Total Fit has been the sense of community that we have built. During the 9-5 day, it can be very hard to find the time to socialise outside of your immediate circle of co-workers. Total Fit has given us the opportunity to bond with other members of the wider group. You can always spot the TPI Total Fit go-ers the morning after a tough class struggling to walk up/down the stairs and asking each other the dreaded question ‘how sore are you today?’ Unexpected friendships have most definitely formed which is a huge contributor to the Wellness Program’s success.

If your company are interested in implementing a Corporate Wellness Program of if you are  looking for a PT for 2018 ( she does it all) be sure to contact Nejia Bejaoui at

Thank you so much again to TPI  for arranging such a fun, positive (sometimes gruelling) service the Group now has to offer its employees!